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STIE Equity Student Exchange Programme Bandung-KUIS 4.0

February 11, KAJANG : A total of 20 students from the School of Economics (STIE) Ekuitas, Bandung have completed the Student Exchange Programme 2019 for 13 days at the International Islamic University College Selangor (KUIS). A student delegation with four accompanying lecturers arrived in Malaysia on Monday 11 February 2019 to continue the network of cooperation between KUIS-STIE Ekuitas which has started since 2015. This student exchange programme is the fourth program organised as a result of the cooperation of these two institutions of higher learning. In addition to other collaborative programmes involving lecturer exchanges and joint research.

The program was officiated by Professor Dato 'Dr. Ab. Halim bin Haji Tamuri, Rector of KUIS, witnessed by Dr. Martha Fani Cahyadinto, Rector of STIE Equity, KUIS Management, KUIS and STIE Equity students.

In the two weeks of the programme, various activities were designed to provide adequate exposure to life as a KUIS student. Students from STIE Ekuitas have the opportunity to attend lectures, visits to the radio station as well as academic and non-academic visits around places of interest in Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. These students were also introduced to the atmosphere of fasting and breaking fast at the Al-Azhar KUIS Mosque as well as kayaking activities at the KUIS Lake.

It turned out that the students from STIE Ekuitas in particular and the KUIS in general got a useful experience that became the most beautiful memories that should not be forgotten. A group of students from KUIS will make a return visit to STIE Ekuitas Bandung from 15 April until 26 April 2019.