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Ziarah Mahabbah “Semarak Kasih” KUIS with Maahad Tahfiz At-Tayyibah Students

Teenagers are a complement to a peaceful and harmonious society. They are the backbone that will drive the progress and excellence of the country in the future. Due to this factor, the 3rd and 4th semester students of the Diploma in Human Resource Management and the mentoring group under the supervision of Mr. Azharuddin Bin Hashim as a mentor had organised a community service programme at Maahad Tahfiz At-Tayyibah, Sungai Merab Luar, Kajang, Selangor. The programme which lasted for half a day on September 8, 2018 was aimed at contributing devotional services as well as strengthening the brotherhood with the students of Maahad Tahfiz.

A total of 26 tahfiz students of various ages between 6 to 18 years participated in the programme which involved group activities, sharing sessions between KUIS students themselves related to learning and ended with a gotong royong to clean the area around the maahad. Encouraging response was received from these tahfiz students. The good cooperation given by the administrators at this maahad greatly helps the smooth running of the activities carried out and most importantly the students as participants in the programme are able to understand the knowledge shared effectively. This programme also indirectly exposed KUIS students to take this opportunity by trying to communicate well while getting used to charity work.